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China Study

Centrum Badań nad Współczesnymi Chinami

China Study

South and East Asia, especially China has experienced a significant growth and economic change in recent years. The fact that this region is an area of ​​huge potential and economic prospects is confirmed by data and analysis compiled by the World Bank and the IMF. From EU’s point of view, presence at Chinese market will have strategic matter. After a decades of lost of many chances we see opportunities and possibilities associated with the presence in Asia. Especially, if we take into account the shrinking markets of traditional economic partners.

Only combined and multisectoral activities, proper use of knowledge can create more effective conditions for our presence in China. There is no escape from this cooperation and we must be prepared properly to meet our expectations and our Chinese partners.

China Study Center at the University of Warsaw is intersectoral, research body. The aim of the center is to conduct research on issues related to the Chinese People’s Republic. Our work is directed to achieve synergies from the harmonization of several fields of activity: research, teaching, commercial and business activity, involvement of political institutions. Effective combination of these environments will let us to find new solutions.

Cooperation and partnership within the center will allow for the development of cross-sectoral approach. Idea of our Centre is based not only on the development of science, but also on the promotion of knowledge and transfer it to a wide audience and right implementations processes. This will be possible through cooperation with the world of politics, business and the media.


Selected Activity Center of China:


Conference „China’s Great Power Status and Its Relations with the EU and the US” – Opening of the Centre for Chinese


Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in ISM

On 14/10/2014 at the Institute of International Relations was held a meeting with representatives of the ISM and the Academy of Sciences of the People’s Republic of China. The subject of the meeting was to cooperate in the areas of: teaching, research and the exchange of good practices and experiences, including mobilities of staff. The second part of the meeting was also a seminar, during which both parties discussed current international issues. Each party had the opportunity to present its position. The meeting was attended by: Chinese Professor Wang Xiaoju, Prof. Huangli Fu, Prof. Zhu Jianli. ISM was represented by prof. Jan Rowinski, Dr Lukasz Golota, MA Anita Budziszewska. The meeting was also attended by former Polish Ambassador to China Xavier Burski. The meeting was organized within the project „EuroGrowth” – Transfer of Innovation, Leonardo da Vinci.


EU-China Roundtable


Polish Centres in China

China Study Center in cooperation with Peking University, set up Polish and European Centres in China. They installed Polish Studies Program in the School of International Studies; with Xiamen University and Peking University we implemented the programme of student exchange and research collaboration.

Meetings of the international consortium implementing the project Increase of the EU’s economic potential in relations with China as part of the Programme Transfer of Innovation Leonardo da Vinci

  • Brussels 26-28.02.2014
  • Warsaw 13-15.05.2014
  • Chester 15-16.04.2015
  • Brussels 23-25.08.2015
  • Brussels 17 – 01/19/2016
  • Warsaw 7-9.02.2016
Transfer of Innovation Leonardo da Vinci Programme